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Central America Travel Guide

The Central American region is a small section of land that connects the South America to North America. It is made up of seven beautiful territories namely: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama. All in all, Central America has a total land area of more than 500,000 square kilometres. Most of the territories embraced by Central America are ideal tourist destinations. It has fantastic beaches, amazing trails for hiking and mountaineering, exploration in the lush jungles, sailing and more. Moreover, the locals of the Central America greet tourists with kind and warm hospitality. Starting from the north up to the south of Central America, it is a great combination of diverse culture which makes this region more lively and colourful.

Between the two different bodies of water (Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea) lies the land of Central America. The whole Central America experiences tropical weather. At some parts of Central America, you may live a semi-Caribbean life since it is situated near the Caribbean Sea. During the hot season, the weather is very humid, making it ideal for that perfect summer holiday. However, it is not advisable to visit any region in Central America when their rainy season begins. Not only that it would ruin your perfect vacation plan, but because hurricanes often occur here.

The lands of Central America are abundant in various wonders of nature. There are several magnificent mountains where eco-tourism is a popular outdoor tourist activity. Central America is the perfect place for people who want to get close with nature. There are also national parks available in some territories of Central America. The protected areas are home for different wildlife species. Central America is also great not only for wildlife viewing but for bird viewing as well. Over all, all places included in the Central American region is a fantastic ecological habitat.

There are lots of paradise-like beaches in Central America. Although it's not as magnificent like that of the beaches in the Caribbean, Central American beaches are still stunning and have been a home for rare marine lives. It is a perfect combination of clear seawater, fantastic shorelines, tropical foliage and the tropical breeze under the summer heat. Although tourists start rushing in for the hot holiday, the beaches are well-preserved, looking like much of an unspoiled nirvana.

Aside from the natural exquisiteness of Central America, they also boast their culture as seen on their landmarks and other daytime tourist spots.
It has tons of archaeological sites that were built decades ago. The ruins were the ones left that would remind them and the visitors of how Central America used to be. They take pride in the monuments, fountains, museums, astounding baroque churches and ruins that reflect their rich culture. Moreover, the merchandise that the natives of Central America offer would serve as a distinguished souvenir that their visitors would love to take home to their local city. Central America's treasure is way beyond the tourist attractions. It becomes richer with all the kindness and gentleness of the people living here.



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