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Trinidad & Tobago Travel Guide

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago is near the South American countries of Venezuela and Colombia. It is a country filled with enticing mix of eco-adventure, cultural activities, culinary delights and beautiful people. Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds. Trinidad is the larger island among the two. This is where most lively events happen and where their modern capital, Port of Spain, is located. Tobago, on the other hand, is more serene compared to its twin island. Tobago is a natural paradise where you can see most of the scenic spots. There's no other place in the world like the Caribbean and cultural paradise of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago is a sun-kissed island where almost all year-round is a summer holiday. It has a very topical climate but the sun can be striking-hot between the months of June and October. Pack your most comfortable clothing even if you will be going to Trinidad and Tobago during their rainy season.

There are a lot of celebrated feasts, especially in Trinidad. Because of the vibrant and colorful festivities, it has been called as the Second Brazil. What they have in common is the magnificent Carnival which happens annually. This is the time when all the streets of Trinidad and Tobago are filled with stunning parades of music, costumes and masks. During the Carnival, there are also concerts, unique competitions, massive cultural show and breathtaking fireworks display. This grand event is usually celebrated a week before the Ash Wednesday.

Trinidad and Tobago is an island of different races, culture and religion. That is why they also give importance to the important events celebrated not only by Christians but by Muslims and Hindus as well. They observe Hosay and Eid-Ul-Fitr for the Muslims. While Phagwa and Divali are the Hindu festivities they celebrate.

Ecotourism is very much alive in Trinidad and Tobago. Aside from being known as the Second Brazil, the twin island is also popularly known as the Modern Garden of Eden. It is abundant in rare species, distinctive butterflies, green forests, clear beaches and unspoiled caves. Bird watching in Trinidad and Tobago is rapidly increasing its popularity all over the world. There are at least 430 different types of birds living in the island. Some are well-kept in Caroni Bird Sanctuary, where the main attraction is the national bird called Scarlet Ibis. There are also butterfly sanctuaries where you can see at least 617 kinds of butterflies.

The beaches of Trinidad and Tobago can compete with the other best beaches in the world when it comes to water quality, healthy marine life and fine sands. The sight of turtles, dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays is just a common thing for sea lovers in this island. Because of this, underwater adventures like diving and snorkeling are very popular among the locals and tourists. The waves would also indulge you to try the thrill of surfing. Several clean beaches are also open to the public in Trinidad and Tobago.

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