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Saint Martin Travel Guide

Saint Martin is a tropical island located in the northeast of the Caribbean. This island can be found in the east of Puerto Rico. Though most of the island is inhabited, this small island is divided into two nations and these are the southern Dutch and the northern French. Even this island is divided in two; both nations rely on tourism as their main source of economy as the island offers great tourist spots for its guests.

The Dutch side of Saint Martin, known to be Eilandgebied Sint Maarten, occupies the southern half of the island of Saint Martin and one of the five island areas of Netherlands Antilles. The largest city that can be found in this area would be the Philipsburg that also serves as the nation's capital. This Dutch side of Saint Martin is famous for its casinos and beaches that offer a wonderful nightlife for those who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Some of the popular places that can be found only in the Dutch side of Saint Martin are the Border Monument of Treaty of Concordia, Philipsburg Historical Museum foundation, Zoo Park with animals exclusively from Caribbean areas, Fort Amsterdam and Fort Williams, and Emilio Wilson Historical Park. After a tiring day, sightseeing at the Dawn Beach road would be more relaxing.

Occupying the northern part of the island of Saint Martin would be the other nation called the French side or Collectivité de Saint-Martin. This France dependent nation is more popular because of its nude beaches, exotic drinks popularly made of native rum-based guava berry liquors. Shopping for jewelry and clothes are also popular in this area as well as its offered famous French Caribbean cuisine. The city of Marigot is the largest city that can be found in the French side of the island making it the capital with fine colonial building and French style cooking as its best feature. Aside from this, abundant gingerbread and colorful Créole houses can be found on this area.

Transportation has never been a problem in the island of Saint Martin, both Dutch and French side. The main airport of the island, Princess Julianna International Airport, serves daily flights across the world. Since tourism is its main source of revenue, different major airlines occupy the international airport as it could usually serve large jets such as Boeing 747s and Airbus A430s, good for its short landing strip.

For tourist accommodations, you can always book your stay in one of the hotels, villas or resorts near your preferred destination. Some hotels offers transportation accommodation too though you can always take an adventure trip and use one of the island's transportation means such as bus and taxi. Just like in any other countries, the government regulates taxi fares for normal destinations like a trip to the airport or a short travel around the city. With transportation like these and abundant travel destinations, the island of Saint Martin is truly a worth visiting place for a relaxing and adventurous vacation.


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