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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico is a rectangular shaped island is located near the beautiful countries of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. This island is one of the top tropical islands most visited by tourists. Travelers all over the world see Puerto Rico as the paradise holiday destination. Puerto Rico is a country colonized by America and is abundant in natural exquisiteness such as dramatic mountains, deep trenches, rain forests and magnificent beaches. Of course, do not forget the hospitable lovely locals that add charm in this wonderful country of Puerto Rico.

You may expect a year-round tropical weather in Puerto Rico. Because of its vast mountainous area, there are usual blows of cool breeze even if the sun is striking hot. Rainy season starts from May to November, but that won't get in your way in exploring Puerto Rico. The weather in this country is always perfect for that fantastic island living you've been dreaming of.

Most beaches in Puerto Rico are blue-flagged. It means that these beaches have clean quality sea water, lively marine life, complete with necessary facilities and other services. This includes Cana Gorda, Isla Verde and Shacks, to name a few. You can enjoy clean, warm and green-colored water on the coastline of Puerto Rico. In case you want to have a romantic get-away, there are several secluded beaches filled with gorgeous sights and scenic spots. The popular secluded beaches in Puerto Rico are Flamenco, Seven Seas and Boqueron.

If you want to explore the hidden treasures of this island, you may do water activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Get up close and personal with rare and endangered marine species like sea horses, arrow crabs, parrot fish and even octopus. For thrill-seekers, you can do kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing.

The culture of Puerto Ricans is one of the most colourful cultures in the world. The interactions made by different races made marks and left distinctive characteristics in Puerto Rican culture. The complexity and uniqueness of Puerto Rico's culture reflects in their well-preserved architectures, crafts, cuisines and festivals. A trip to Puerto Rico can never be complete without visiting old sites such as Castillo de San Cristobal located in the city of San Juan. It is a massive fort that was built during the Spanish colonial times in Puerto Rico. Since 1983, this tourist attraction has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. Another architectural tourist spot in Puerto is situated in Plaze de Colon. It is the famous statue of Christopher Columbus that was unveiled in 1894 during a plaza ceremony. The statue was built in memory of Christopher Columbus who reached Puerto Rico without exploiting the people and its culture.

After spending time exploring the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico, you better change your outfit because the day is far from over. The nightlife in Puerto Rico is so alive with all the bars and restaurants open until 12 midnight. There are also a lot of seaside entertainment and food establishments where local cuisines are cooked right in front of you. Puerto Rico is the best place to be if you want to have an unforgettable paradise-like experience.

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