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Haiti Travel Guide

Haiti is a country in Caribbean located beside the wonderful island of Dominican Republic. From Haiti, you may also reach its neighboring countries such as Cuba and Jamaica through sailing. Twenty five years ago, Haiti used to have a bustling tourism industry. It attracted hundreds of celebrities, business men and elites because of its exotic beauty. But the civil strife and oppression had wounded Haiti severely, leaving it to be a poverty-stricken island with tons of suffering people and denuded hills. However, the current Haiti is now a better place to live in, thanks to the help of the UN Stabilisation force. The tourism in Haiti is now a thriving business and wanted to follow the footsteps set by its neighboring island, Dominican Republic.

The best time to visit Haiti is starting from the month of october till the mid-summer month of march. Compared to the other island of Caribbean, Haiti does not have a so-called peak season. This would make the country a great summer destination during the cold months in the Northern Hemisphere. It is not crowded by tourists making it more enjoyable to roam around the streets and attractive spots of the country. The rainy season in Haiti comes during the month of april till september. The first few months of Haiti's wet season usually falls in its dramatic mountains. This is not the good time if you plan to go hiking, trekking or get close to Haiti's nature. During the latter part of the rainy season, it has more hurricane showers than rain falls. You don't want hurricanes to ruin your whole Haiti holiday, would you?

Under the unfortunate image of Haiti lies its beauty and mystery waiting to be discovered. Most attractions are located in the urban Port-au-Prince. Here in the heart of Haiti, lies the fertile plain of Plaine du Cul de Sac. If you want a taste of authentic local Haiti cuisines then the Petionville is the best place where you can get quality restaurant and local dishes at a very reasonable price. There are art galleries and tons of hotels at the Petionville as well. At Port-au-Prince, you may also find one of the oldest forts in this country. Fort Jacques is one of the most visited places in Haiti. From here, you can have a see the incomparable views of the harbor.

Haiti, just like its fellow Caribbean islands, celebrates the Carnival in their country. Although it is not as festive or majestic compared to Brazil or Trinidad and Tobago, it is still one of the much awaited events by the locals and tourists. Before the Carnival begins, radio stations will play carnival music themes. This theme is called the Meringue Carnavalesque that marks the beginning of the said event. They celebrate their freedom by different means such as mask parades, pageantry, overflowing drinks, ear busting music, and catered foods. They showcase their beautiful locals riding in the floats. It is one big event the ties all of the Haitians together.

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