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Grenada Travel Guide

Grenada is a small and isolated island in the Caribbean Sea. The only country near Grenada is Trinidad and Tobago. Travel few kilometers to the north and you will reach Barbados as well as Santa Lucia. The country of Grenada is volcanic and mountainous in nature. Most of the mountains are covered with lush jungles, sweet-smelling trees of nutmeg and unique colourful flowers of the Caribbean. The island is filled with different bodies of water such as cascading waterfalls, stunning rivers, sulphur springs and grand lakes. Grenada boasts their Lake Antoine which is considered as the prettiest lake in the world.

The island of Grenada is a distinct island in the whole Caribbean. It is popularly known as "The Isle of Spice" or "The Spice of Caribbean". Aside from abundant natural exquisiteness, Grenada is rich in various spices. The scents of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, are the aromas that would welcome tourists upon arriving at Granada. The island also produces cloves and cocoa. Grenada is the major source of all these spices in Caribbean and other neighboring countries and islands as well.

The loveliest city in Grenada is its capital city - Saint George's. This is where most tourist attractions in Grenada are located. It is filled with unspoiled national parks, captivating beaches and traditional houses with red-tiled roofs. The city of Saint George's is said to be the gateway to the paradise of Grenada, especially if you are situated at the horseshoe-shaped harbour of the city. Don't forget to bring you camera if you wish to explore the city of Saint George's. This is actually considered as the most picturesque city, not just in Grenada, but in the whole Caribbean.

Being an island located in the Caribbean, Grenada is ringed with the most wonderful beaches in the world. Here you can find the beach sceneries that you think you can only find in glossy magazines. The Grand Anse Beach and the Morne Rouge Beach are just a few of the white sand beaches in Grenada. According to the professional travel magazine writers, these beaches are the most spectacular beaches in the world. The Grand Anse Beach however, is livelier than the Morne Rouge Beach. There are more people bathing and baring their bodies to the sun. The Morne Rouge Beach on the other hand, is a perfect place for those who want more privacy. There is another beach in Grenada that has a distinctive feature - the Pink Gin Beach. The Pink Gin Beach is a superb tourist attraction because of its unique pinkish sand color. From here, you may view the photographic vista of Saint George's city.

Grenada celebrated a lot of festivals every year. They have several fairs starting from the New Year's celebration until Christmas. Most of these events are made to venerate the culture and the sporting nature of Grenada. They have an annual Carnival that usually lasts for ten days during the month of august - their hottest season. But the striking sun does not stop the locals of Grenada from celebrating this magnificent tradition.


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