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Dominican Republic Travel Guide

Dominican Republic is a country bordering Haiti and a few miles away from the island of Puerto Rico. This is the top of the cream when it comes to summer destinations as voted by professional magazines that specialize in tourist travel all over the world. Tourism in Dominican Republic is a very booming business. This is also one of the main sources of income in the country. Every year, Dominican Republic is developing its areas to grow into a more attractive country. Fortunately, they also give importance in preserving their heritage and marks of their ancient culture. Travel back into the historical Spanish era of Dominican Republic as you hit the streets away from the luxurious resorts. Dominican Republic is the best place if you want to get away from hustles and bustles of the busy city, even for a few days only.

All year round, Dominican Republic caters a very tropical weather. It is an island with an endless summer season. The months of may till october have the hottest days in Dominican Republic. The peak season for Dominican Republic tourism happens during the months of december till april. during these times, the island is quite crowded, so as the hotels, resorts and restaurants. It is advised to book your vacation in this island, at least 5 months before your wished date.

Dominican Republic is made up of at least 900 miles of spectacular shoreline, filled with fine sands and clear water. There are different kinds of beaches that can be seen here. You may choose to visit a secluded beach or beach filled with sunbathers. One of the best beaches in the country is the Punta Cana at La Altagracia. Hillary and Bill Clinton are frequent visitors of the said beach. Another most visited beach in Dominican Republic is the Playa Grande located in Cabrera. It is a paradise built by the fine white sands and huge coconut palm tress. It was recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, voted by several travel magazine writers. Behind the line of coconut palm trees is where food vendors are situated. They cater fine local Dominican cuisines and incredible dishes made from the freshest sea food available. Playa Grande also offers a place for golf enthusiasts. There is a golf course which is only walking distance away from the beach with complete facilities. You may still enjoy the golf course even if you are not up for playing this for-elite game. There are breath-taking panoramic views ringed around the Playa Grande Golf Course.

As for the historical sites, the town of Santo Domingo is the place to visit to see numerous monuments erected here during the colonial times. The castle of Don Diego Colon is also located in Santo Domingo. This historical spot was built in the early times of 16th century. It has been well-preserved by the locals of Dominican Republic until now. Antique Spanish-style churches and homes are also scattered around the town of Santo Domingo. There also museums where tourists can see historical artefacts that clearly depicts the history of Dominican Republic.


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