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Cuba Travel Guide

Cuba is the home country of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro Ruz. Cuba is a land of the brave. Cuba is daring, mesmerizing and exotic, all at the same time. Your bags are all packed for Cuba. But the question is, are you ready to experience the Cuban magic?

The Republic of Cuba is the largest archipelago in the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, with neighboring countries like the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Haiti and Jamaica. Aside from being the biggest, it is also the most populated country in the Caribbean. The main island of Cuba is surrounded by four main groups of island: the Colorados, the Camaguey, the Jardines de la Reina and the Cannarreos.

Cuban cities are overflowing with rich culture everyone can bask in. Their capital city of Havana is definitely known for its swinging nightlife. Why of course, many party clubs around the world were not named after the city of Havana for nothing. From tantalizing salsa dancers to Tropicana shows and walks along Malecon (the sea wall that runs along the city's coastline), the lively city of Havana is more than enough reason for a trip to Cuba. However, if you want to experience genuine Caribbean city lifestyle, aside from Havana, Santiago de Cuba is a good place to visit.

Other places worth visiting are Baracoa which is Cuba's former capital city and famed for its white sandy beaches, Pinar del Rio which is the heart of the cigar trade, Viñales where you can savor the mountain scenery with its rolling hills and Santa Clara city where the mausoleum of eminent activist Che Guevara is.

Trinidad city, on the other hand, has illustrious epic colonial buildings that are now declared as a World Heritage site. Fascinated about architecture? Then Trinidad is a place you should not miss when visiting Cuba. Be more than amazed of how Cuba's unique historical heritage is mixed in with their encroaching globalization.

If those places are still not enough for you to be busy in Cuba, then do visit Cayo Largo. It is a small island for the daring and those wishes to let go of their inhibitions. Why? Because it has nudist facilities you can enjoy. Looking for something more demure, Jardines del Rey has beach resorts like Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. There is also Maria la Gorda—a quaint coast village where you can snorkel and divide and Varadero which is a major beach resort located east of Havana.

The main airport of Cuba is Jose Marti International Airport. The country's official flag carrier is Cubana de Aviacion which connects the country to a handful of major destinations such as South and Central America, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Cuba's airport is at par with any major travel destination. Take comfort with the fact that their airport is fully air conditioned, modern and offers good medical care in cases of emergencies.

Last but not the least, take note that the best time to visit is during december and april. Rainy downpours are already at ease and the humid discomfort of the sweltering summer months are not yet present at that time. Try to steer clear of the hurricane season which is during august to november. As always, it is best to check the weather reports within the last few days, before embarking on a wonderful journey to Cuba.


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