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Bahamas Travel Guide

Bahamas of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is group of seven hundred islands and about two thousand cays that makes up an archipelago. Bahamas is situated in the eastern part of Florida along the vast Atlantic Ocean and on the northern direction of the Caribbean and Cuba, Northwest direction of the Caicos and the British territory island of the Turks.

Bahamas possessed a lot of tourist attractions that attracts travelers from all over the world. Bahamas is world renowned for its crystal clear sandy beaches and majestic landscape that includes pine trees, posh golf courses and resorts, casinos, lively bars and restaurants, street markets and romantic streets.

Nassau which is located on New Providence Island is probably the most popular place in Bahamas. Nassau is a top notch tourist destination with a beautiful ocean that offers the best coral reefs and a popular diving spot, bars and restaurants and most of all friendly locals.

Other islands in the Bahamas that are worth making a trip into are the following:
The Albaco islands in the Bahamas is known for its boating and sailing locations, tourist destinations in this island are the Little and Great Abaco and the scattered cays of Man O War, Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Elbow Cay, Stranger's Cay, Walker's Cay and the Umbrella Cay.

The Andros Island is said to be the least visited island in the Bahamas. It is popular to adventure seekers as in reality Andros Islands offers a lot of activities for travelers like fishing, diving, camping and its vast coral reefs which is one of the largest coral reefs in the world excites divers from all over the globe.

The Bimini Islands is the closest part of the Bahamas to the Florida coast; one can see the lights of Miami Beach during the night. Because of its close proximity to Florida its the popular tourist destination of Americans and it offers more with it's lively night life, great ocean surrounding and an ideal place for fishing, diving and exploring makes it as one of the best islands in the Bahamas.

The Harbour Island of the Eleuthera consists of glistening crystal clear white sands with serene, villages with colonial type architecture and long stretches of pineapple farm plantations, Georgian designed towns and magnificent beaches that attract tourists by record numbers yearly.

Paradise Island and Nassau is considered as the social, cultural, economic and political capital of the Bahamas, its the island that garners the most visitors with its many first class resorts, golf courses and other scenic sights and beautiful oceans. Going to Nassau is an experience in paradise in itself.

Bahamas is a haven for beach fanatics and almost anyone who wants to enjoy life in the island exploring the culture of the local inhabitants of the Bahamas, nature is best displayed in the Bahamas with its Scenic Island and crystal clear water, golden sands and tropical setting Bahamas stands to be a perfect place on Earth.


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