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Aruba Travel Guide

Bombini! That's what they'll say here and it means welcome. If you dream of a sunshiny vacation filled with scenic spots and pristine white sand beaches, then you are more than welcome in Aruba! Whether you are having your honeymoon or simply taking a break from work, you will find things to keep you busy in this charming country.

Aruba is an autonomous dependency of Netherlands and is located in 15 miles north of Venezuela. The country's region is divided into two: the southeast and northwest coasts. Southeast region is known for its white beaches, serene blue green seas and warm waters, while the northwest coast is open to the Atlantic Ocean, meaning that they have rougher seas with dangerous currents and rocky coastlines. Some of Aruba's major cities are Oranjestad which is the largest and capital city, Barcadera, Noord, Savaneta, Paradera and Sint Nicolaas.

The assortment of beaches in Aruba is infinite. They have Eagle beach which is considered as one of the 10 best beaches in the world and Palm Beach White sand whose calm water makes it an excellent swimming spot. They also have Sint Nicolaas Beach, Malmok Beach and Hadikurari Beach, also known as Fisherman's Huts, where annual windsurfing competition is held.

At Baby Beach, which is located in the southern tip of the island, you can wade in its waters like a giant swimming pool. Why? Because it is famous for being five feet deep at any point of it, hence the name - baby. It is also famous for having vibrant underwater attractions, which you can visit by snorkeling.

Off the northern side of Aruba, the natural pool in Conchi makes an interesting day trip destination. It is a small pool of water hidden in a natural rock formation that goes beyond the ocean. However, take note that it is only accessible by all terrain vehicles (ATV) or any trail rated 4x4 vehicles which many tour agencies can arrange for you.

If you are one for luxury and indulgence, then Renaissance Island is the place to be. The said island is accessible only by ferry, if you happen to stay at Renaissance Resort and Casino. It is divided into two: the Iguana Beach where iguanas are fed by the shore and the Flamingo Beach where elegant and charming pink flamingoes gather on its coastlines.

After getting all wet and wild from exploring the beaches of Aruba, you can now visit many other attractions in drier lands. Up north of Aruba, you can make a quick stop at the scenic California Lighthouse and the historical Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel.

You can learn many interesting facts about the uses of aloe and how it is harvested in Aruba Aloe Factory. Then, climb the ruins of the Bushiribban Gold Mill/Smelting Station for a picture perfect moment before you proceed to the Natural Bridge at Boca Andicuri.

If you have more than ample time to spare in your vacation, other natural wonders precious to visit are Aruba Ostrich Farm, Arikok National Park, Guadirkiri Caves, De Palm Island, Butterfly Farm, Bubali Bird Sanctuary and the Casibari Rock & Ayo Rock Formations. There is also Boca Catalina and the Antilla Shipwreck where many snorkeling tours can organize for you and the Hooiberg (Haystack Mountain), which stands over 500 feet in the center of the country and can provide you picturesque view of the country.


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