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Antigua & Barbuda Travel Guide

If you're looking for a perfect summer getaway or even a venue for your honeymoon, the Caribbean is the best place to go. It's finest attractions are Antigua and Barbuda. From what used to be a British military base, the island of Antigua is now a famous retreat and one of the best destinations in the Caribbean together with Barbuda.

Antigua is perfect for those who love the sea as this country is the venue for Sailing week, one of the first and biggest events for sailors and seamen. Picturesque beaches with powdery sand are also located in this beautiful island. Scuba-diving is also a popular activity here, as the island contains one of the best corals and underwater sights. It also contains ship relics that are one-of-a-kind in the world.

Barbuda, on the other hand, is perfect for the newlyweds who are looking for an escape from everything. This island - though small and undeveloped - is visited by tourists from worldwide for its mystic appeal and serene environment. Barbuda is a sanctuary for many kinds of birds particularly the frigate bird. This is also why bird watching is the most famous attraction there. Another thing that is unique in this island is that it has white and pink sand beaches. Perfect for those water babies who likes to soak up the sun and the culture as well. Other attractions in Barbuda include hunting, fish and tennis. There are many luxurious hotels in the island as well. It offers the best accommodation in the Caribbean. Like Antigua, the island also contains underwater shipwreck relics and corals for the snorkler or scuba diver to see. Barbuda is indeed one relaxing and invigorating place to be - somewhere you can forget your worries in and just take a deep breath.

If ever you get to visit Antigua during the summer, be sure to visit in time for the yearly carnival. It is a colorful festival in celebration of emancipation. Here guests will get a taste of their delicious cuisine, experience the different beats of their music and feel the warmth of the natives in the land. This is also a perfect time to get a glimpse of their culture, lifestyle and history. Just make sure you wear appropriate attire everywhere you go. It is a common misconception that everyone on the island wears beachwear wherever he/she goes. As a matter of fact, beachwear is only appropriate when you are in the beach but in touring other places in the island, you should wear casual wear that is best suited to the location you are going.

So if work is stressing you out and you are getting tired of the crowded and common tourists' destinations out there. You might want to try cruising down the Caribbean and visiting Antigua and Barbuda. Be prepared to for a whole new different relaxation experience in the heart of the Caribbean. It is a place where culture, history and relaxation collide. Every experience, every discovery will sure make your trip worthwhile.

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