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Anguilla Travel Guide

Anguilla is a Caribbean island located near St. Martin and can be reached from British Virgin Islands through a boat or a yatch. Its the island in the most northern part of the Leeward Island chain. The island of Anguilla is a combined culture from African and British influences. Although Anguilla is a small island, with a total area of only 102 square kilometres, there are no wasted corners and everything is filled with vivid colors of nature. Exploring Anguilla is like visiting your own private island. It offers tourists the privacy, comfort, and of course the exclusivity.

As a part of the Caribbean, the island has a very tropical climate. The best months of Anguilla are the months of august to mid-october, where most tourists visit this island. If you are up for a striking hot sun in Anguilla, you may explore the little island during the months of february till march. However, it is not advisable to visit Anguilla from june to november. These are the months that the island is prone to hurricane attacks. Pack your sun tan, bikinis and cool clothes if you wish to experience the nirvana created in Anguilla.

Anguilla is popular tourist destination for beach lovers. The Shoal Bay West is one of the most visited beaches in this island. It has a contoured shore with fine white sands, calm and clear water, and panoramic view of neighboring islands. From the shores of Shoal Bay West, you can sit for hours as you stare at Saba and St. Martin. The so-called Blowing Point in Anguilla is a ferry port and a very attractive beach at the same time. There are numerous secluded areas to have that beach picnic for two or for the whole family. Stay right on the beach and see sights from the island of St. Martin and the Caribbean Sea. All of the beaches in Anguilla have an abundant marine life. There are several beaches offering tourists to have a close encounter with the sea's friendliest animal - the dolphin. Travellers may also experience riding a horse in the beaches of Anguilla with the dawning sun as their background.

Since the island of Anguilla is ringed by the magnificent, sparkling sea of the Caribbean, there are a lot of water activities that you can do to kill your boredom. You may cruise around the island for the whole day while you catch fresh fish from the boat. The cruise may also take you to the neighboring islands such as St. Martin and Virgin Islands. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the best water activities in Anguilla. You will be accompanied by a professional dive master throughout this wonderful water experience.

Wine, cigars and liquors are legal in Anguilla. Most shops carry excellent wines coming from Europe. The locals of Anguilla boasts their Anguilla Rum made in their island. This is considered as the best rum in the whole Caribbean. Instead of a big shopping mall, Anguilla is dotted with several small shops scattered all over the island. This is where you can find the best souvenirs you can take as you leave the paradise of Anguilla.


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