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Turkmenistan Travel Guide

The country is situated in Central Asia. It serves as the western border of its neighboring Central Asian Republics such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It will be best for travelers to stay away from the country's borders against Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran. This is due to the fact that such areas are considered o have unstable security. In addition to that, the borders are often filled with landmines.

Turkmenistan is not known for the many travel spots that it offers to its guests and tourists. The tradition, culture, and way of living serve as the main attraction of the place. The people who occupy the area form the nomadic families who are quite popular in the world for their hospitality towards strangers and travelers. The cities in Turkmenistan were not built by Turkmen. Rather, these were the product of foreigners who formerly invaded the area. Most of which where founded by the Iranians, The Russians, and the army of Alexander the Great.

The land is one of the most unexplored areas in Asia's string of countries along the Silk Road. In its early years, the country served as a cradle for many cultures. These include the Persians, Russians, Greeks, and Afghans. Aside from the semi-nomadic culture that is still prominent in the area, another awe-inspiring treat for the locals and the tourists is the outstanding mix of cultures that the country has developed over the years. The tradition and practices of the Turkmen are characterized by a strong Shamanism influence spiced with the cultures of the Central Khanates and Mysticism. The country is also popular for the fascinating handicrafts and detailed architecture and artifacts that can be found in some of its ancient and ruined spots.

The first stop for any traveler to Turkmenistan is its capital city: Ashgabat. Asghabat is usually the traveler's point of arrival and assembly area for guided tours. Lots of monuments of past presidents and rulers have mushroomed all over the place. Aside from Asghabat, there are also other major cities that a traveler should see in Turkmenistan. Primary of which is Mary. The city of Mary is filled with ancient artifacts and ruins of Merv, a legendary Persian town in the time of Alexander the Great. Other top destinations in Turkmenistan include the Turkmenbashi and Chardzhou.

The place is the emblem of a money mine. Aside from the fact that it ranks second among the Central Asian Republics in terms of land area, the country has one of the largest untouched oil and gas deposits around the globe. The largest of this unexploited lad is the Karakum, a vast lunar-faced desert occupying four-fifths of Turkmenistan's land area.

It is best to visit Turkmenistan during its spring and autumn seasons. The best months would be from april to june or from september to october. Other months pose problems of food and transportation scarcity.