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Taiwan Travel Guide

Situated in the magnificent Pacific Ocean, approximately about one hundred and sixty kilometers from the wonderful southern part of the China mainland, is the wonderful country of Taiwan. This country is near the equally beautiful place that is Korea, and the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. To the north of Taiwan is the famous Hong Kong, and to its south is the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines. Who said that such a small country cannot hold out for its own? Well think again. Welcome to Taiwan, the natural gateway of the Asian civilization. This country is the most common stop point of air planes that are bound for other places, due to its convenient location. Not bad, for a country so small that it is not even a rival to the normal sized cities of the world. The shape of Taiwan is also something to look at, with the tobacco leaf like shape of the island.

The climate of Taiwan is not something to hate, because it is not always that cold and not that hot. The combination of the weather is something to look forward to, as its normal average annual temperature is on a 22 celsius scale, not bad for a subtropical country. Though summers in Taiwan may range from 22 celsius up to 35 celsius, it is not that scorching hot as compared to other Asian countries. The winters are also agreeable, with the temperature lowering around 20 to 16 celsius, and snow only on higher situated places, like the majestic mountains of this small but beautiful country.

The native tongue in Taiwan is Mandarin, but there are also other varieties of dialects scattered all over the nation. A lot of Taiwanese people know how to speak a decent amount of English, as foreign people are situated all over the country. But be careful when you ride a cab, as the taxi drivers normally speak the native tongue. Try to have directions beforehand you hail a cab, in order to ensure your safety and correct destination.

A numerous number of Americans and various European ethnicities choose to spend their summer vacations in the small country of Taiwan. A lot of them also study the native Chinese language, in inexpensive classes to learn more about the culture and communication in Taiwan.

Taiwan is in fact a very popular place to go to, despite the miniscule physical area of the country. They may not have the glorious and humongous mountains that Europe and other countries can offer, but what Taiwan lacks in natural gifts, it courageously makes up through the man made infrastructures and innovations that the natives of Taiwan has created. The small size of the country of Taiwan should not fool any person into thinking that this is a nation of poverty. Taiwan has a very high literacy rate, and very good living conditions. Foreigners are very prone to seduction of this country, and are seduced into staying with their families. Why not let yourself see what makes this small island so popular?