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Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is a little island at the end of India. A small island indeed but Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to the travelers wanting to explore the rest of the country. Sri Lanka is an island also known as Ceylon. It is a land that could give different facets. This is an ideal place for ecotourism and exotic adventures. The beaches of Sri Lanka can be compared to the like of the beaches in the Caribbean Islands. No wonder most professional travel magazine writers consider Sri Lanka as the Caribbean of Asia.

Most Europeans visit Sri Lanka during the months of december till march. This is when they usually escape the winter season in their country. December till march are the best months in Sri Lanka. It is also the peak season where most tourists visit. Unlike other tourist destinations, Sri Lanka does not increase its price during the tourism rush and the places are not crowded as well. There are a lot of fun-filled activities to do in Sri Lanka when the sun is out. See to it that you included in your baggage a pair of nice glasses, a good hat and a sun tan.

One of the things that Sri Lanka is proud of is the different wildlife species protected in their country. The island is a habitat for migrating birds like flamingo. Bird viewing in Sri Lanka is one of the much awaited events during January and April. Various species of birds are escaping the northern winter. They flock the wetlands, bird sanctuaries and lagoons of Sri Lanka. Aside from the magnificent scene of migrating birds, they also have a sanctuary for the big mammals. Tourists all over the world would not miss a chance to visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage here in Sri Lanka. There were at least 70 elephants being taken care in this animal orphanage. Tourists can walk around the grounds of the area and they can witness how these gentle giants are being fed. By 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, they may view how these animals do their daily grooming routine in the water.

The people of Sri Lanka value their cultural heritage so much, that most of their historical places are well-preserved. They have this so-called Cultural Triangle where the ancient temples, cities and monuments lie. The Cultural Triangle includes Dambulla, Sigiriya, and Anuradhapura. In Anuradhapura, tourists may get a glimpse of the most important ancient city in Sri Lanka. It used to be the ruling ground for the kings of the country. There are several caves turned into temples located in Dambulla. In the interior of the caves were stunning paintings of the Buddhas. As for Sigiriya, the most visited place is the rock fortress.

For those who love ecotourism, Sri Lanka offers a hike in their hill country and the tea plantations. Both of these tourist attractions are located in the Kandy also known as the Royal City. The capital of Sri Lanka is dotted with tea plantations and clear waterfalls.