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South Korea Travel Guide

South Korea is the other part of the Korean nation divided after the Korean War of 1953. South Korea being the non communist country is more open to tourists and is one of the fastest booming tourism economies in the world today. South Korea is situated along a mountainous region which lies in between the Sea of Japan from the Chinese Yellow Sea and shares a border with North Korea.

Tourist destination in South Korea abounds with a lot of places that will surely please visitors from all over the world; one of the most popular places to visit in South Korea is its capital city Seoul. Several UNESCO listed led the list like the Changdokkung Palace which is surrounded by a magnificent Secret Gardens and the Chongmyo Shrine, an enthralling place located in a wooden part and here can be found the ancestral stone tablets of the Joseon Dynasty rulers, the Museum of Modern Arts located in Toksukung Palace and of course the architectural gifted towering skyscrapers of Seoul are just a few of the many highlights of the city.

On the northern part of Seoul the Pukansan National Park which offers thrills for hiking aficionado with its scenic hiking routes. Near the border with North Korea lies the village of Panmunjom which is a very historic place due to the fact that the armistice peace negotiations after the Korean War in 1953 took place. Other museums like the Hoam Art Museum, Haegang Ceramic Museum, the Suwon Korean Folk Village and the preserved old walled city of Suwon City are also found here.

On the eastern part of South Korea the breathtaking and magnificent coastal and mountain scenery will greet travelers with a grand display of autumn color and landscapes that serves as the ideal setting for winter sports and the vast array of ski centers around the region. The sea side part gives sights of fishing villages with long stretches of white sand beaches where the popular Hwajinpo resort is located, romantic harbors and seaside towns all create an inspiring and majestic setting that will offer travelers a rich cultural experience.

The Kyongju region or otherwise known as the "museum without walls" conveys the rich South Korean history and its Buddhist religion and culture, the Kyongju region is also listed by the UNESCO as one of the ten significant historical places in the world. Temples, historical tombs, museums and stylish and classic towns will greet travelers.

Busan city which can be found on the southeastern part of South Korea has the nation's biggest sea port; majestic views can be seen at Busan tower with nearby attractions such as the Kumjongsansong Fortress, Pomoso temple and a busy sprawling fish market. Other beach resorts like the Songjong and Haeundae attracts travelers from all over the world.

The western part of South Korea also offers a sight aplenty for tourists, known for its many Provincial and National Parks, notably the Kyeryongsan National park which houses two gigantic and beautifully constructed temples of Dongkaksa and Kapsa, numerous museums and burial grounds makes this place a very interesting historical tourist destination.

These are just a few of what South Korea can offer to travelers from around the world and for sure a thousand beautiful experiences await that lucky traveler to South Korea.