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Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives is a group of atolls that forms an island country located in the Indian Ocean and is situated just south of the Lakshadweep Islands of India and approximately 435 miles south western part of the country of Sri Lanka.

What makes Maldives as one of the prime tourist destination in the world today is its unique, unspoiled, sunny and beautiful archipelago type characteristic with about more than 1,180 coral islands found all over near the equator. Maldives is known for the charm of its one of a kind coral reef, lagoons, island getaway and an all year long warm tropical weather.

Maldives has since become one of the famous destinations for travelers all across the globe, thanks largely to its scenic landscapes, friendly locals, white beach sands, crystal clear ocean water and a very pleasing weather temperature. Water sports is among the popular activity for tourists in Maldives with fishing, snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving being the most ideal things to do when tourists find themselves in Maldives.

With the exemplary conditions and clear underwater coral reefs, Maldives has been ranked among the top diving places in the world today. Ecotourism is very much practiced in Maldives as tourists are being introduced to the caring of Mother Earth through appreciation of the different nature wonders that can be seen in Maldives.

Going around Maldives is not a problem, being a tiny island nation transportation is not a problem and the country is filled with world class resorts that offers world class amenities at a very reasonable price. The food or local cuisine of Maldives is another reason why travelers prefer to go back to Maldives.

Specks of radiantly looking and dazzling clear waters which fills the beds of the Maldives ocean conforming to the golden and white sand dunes of sea shores, palm trees, blue sky and the warm tropical weather condition, echoes of friendly laughter from the locals, the taste of great food, all kinds of home grown music and a diverse culture are just a few of many attractive traits of Maldives that new and old visitors will surely enjoy.

Maldives has a lot of diving schools that tourists can enroll on a short course to be able to enjoy the wonderful diving locations around Maldives which is billed as among the top favorites of newlyweds around the world as the place to spend their honeymoon.

Other things to do in Maldives include island hopping, windsurfing, enjoying the nightlife, seaplane touring, water sports, fishing and wildlife tours.

Some of the great diving sites that a tourist should definitely check out in Maldives are the Guraidhoo Corner, Banana reef, Victory wreck, Kuda Rah Thila, and the Mushimasmingili Thila, here the world’s diving enthusiast always converge united by the same passion and appreciating the great natural wonders that only Maldives can offer.

Maldives is an ideal location for a vacation to cherish for the rest of your life, a honeymoon, a retirement vacation or even a family holiday it guarantees an experience to savor for the rest of your life.