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Macau Travel Guide

Macau is a tourist destination that can be reached via plane or by taking a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. Not only that Macau is known as the Monte Carlo of the East but it is also a popular tourist choice for those who love casino. Macau is also known as the Vegas of Asia. Racing enthusiasts visits this country for its annual Macau Grand Prix. It has tons of well-preserved baroque architectures, a style from the Old Portuguese. Moreover, their ancient Chinese Temples are still in shape and can accommodate hundreds of tourists visiting Macau.

You can visit Macau anytime you want. Most days of this tourist destination are warm. It has a long summer period and the cold season only lasts for at least 30 days. During the months of january and february, you can feel the coldness in Macau. This is when the cold air from Siberia goes down. If you wish to visit Macau during these times, pack along with you a couple of wool clothes to keep you warm. The rest of the year will give you moderate to hot summer season which you will enjoy while you explore the tourist spots of Macau.

Macau has several parks and squares where locals and tourists would love to hang out. The most popular is the Senado Square. It has always been considered as the city center of Macau. They have a wide diversity of restaurants serving authentic Chinese cuisines and even Korean dishes. Some are cheap while the fine restaurants are quite expensive. Senado Square has a romantic ambiance during the night, with all the yellow bulbs light the buildings, the fountains and the alley ways of the said square. Senado Square is also a few blocks away from the casinos and 5 star hotels.

Walk a few miles from the Senado Square and you will reach the infamous landmark of Macau. The Ruins of St. Paul is a 16th century church built here in Macau. It was destroyed by fire in 1835 and the front of the church was the only thing left after the catastrophe. The Ruins of St. Paul is also a host to several lantern events held annually here in Macau. Don't forget to purchase the delicious Macau cookies sold in the alley situated between Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul.

Thrill-seekers would want to visit Macau because of its renowned bungee jumping site. The Macau Tower was even featured in a TV reality contest called The Amazing Race.

Macau is also a great place for shopping especially for those who would like to purchase items in bulk. Many retailers go here to buy different clothing items that they could sell at a higher price back in their local countries. Bag collectors would also love to shop at Macau. Although they do not have a lengthy night market compared to the nearby Hong Kong, Macau has a vast array of quality goods including bags, fashionable clothes, gypsy skirts and infant dresses.

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