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Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide

Kyrgyzstan is a memeber of the Central Asian republics. To its north is Kazakhstan, to its west is Uzbekistan, Tajikistan is over the south, and China occupies the eastern and the southeastern boundaries. The country used to be a republic of the Soviet Union. It was only in 1991 when it achieved independence and it has been known as a democratic country ever since. During the time that they were under Soviet control, the country had a closed economy and tourists were not quite welcome to the place.

The country has a large population. About five million locals occupy the place, most of which are locals. The occupants of Kyrgyztan are known for their friendliness and hospitality. They are very helpful to travelers and they express warm welcomes to their guests. A million of Kyrgyztan's population stays in the capital city of the country known as Frunze. Lately however, the name Frunze has been changed to Bishkek.

The top destination in the country is its capital, Bishkek. The place is an excellent travel hub filled with the best shops, restaurants, and accommodations that the country offers. If a traveler wishes to explore the natural beauty of the country, then you ought to start with Bishkek. The country capital boasts of a variety of soviet-style architecture such as its municipal building, concert hall, Historic Museum, and several monuments. Aside from Bishkek, a traveler in Kyrgyztan can also visit the Ala Archa Gorge that is near the capital. Among the other top tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan are Naryn, Osh, the Tien shan mountains, Uzgen, Lake Issyk-Kul, and the Norus.

Unlike the dry and hot plains found in the neighboring Central Asian republics, Kyrgyztan boasts of astounding high mountains and beautiful terrain. The wonderful mountainous landscape of the country, lead by the sacred mountains of the Tian Shan, extends as a natural barrier over the Taklamakan desert and the Central Asian countries.

Among all the countries under the Central Asian region, Kyrgyzstan is the most affected by the western culture. While its semi-nomadic culture and tradition is moderately preserved through folklores and traditional practices, much of its population have been affected by an open economy ever since its independence. These modernity and industrialization can be seen through the modern infrastructures that can be found mushrooming along its major cities. Among the most popular architectures that demonstrate antiquity matched with modernity are the Monument for the Great War of the Native Country, the Monument of Manas, the Monument of Independence, and the many statues of Akyns, Manasíchi and local authorities.

The most popular activities to be done in the area are trekking, hiking, horseback riding, and nature tripping in the mountain ranges of the Pamir Alay and the Tian Shan. A trip around the country's primary travel attractions such as the Gumbez of Manas, Burana Tower, Arslanbob, Ala Archa, Cholpon-Ata, Jailoo, and Altyn Arashan is also a favorite activity included in organized travel tours. One can also opt to go fishing or boating in the largest lake of Kyrgyzstan known as Issyk Kul.

It is best to visit Kyrgyztan during the months of april to june (spring) or june to september (autumn). This period is free from terribly hot temperature, cold rains, and period where cold snow is abundant.