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If you were living under a massive mass of rock for these past few centuries, then it is understandable if you do not know how famous and magnificent Japan is. But if you were only depriving of yourself from going to this fabulous place, then you must certainly think again.

Japan or Nihon is one of the most famous island countries in the East of Asia. The name of Japan may vary accordingly, but it is intended to be names as the "sun origin" or the "Land of the Rising Sun", a wonderful symbolism to the greatness of this country.

The culture in Japan is quite famous as well, as it has strong influences from other Asian cultures. Politeness is greatly valued by the Japanese people, and they go out of their way to make a person feel respected and welcomed. People give others (and that includes mere strangers) what they can, such as fresh fruits and tasty vegetables from their own gardens, in order to impart the warmth that these wonderful Asians normally possess. Their hospitality is famous all over the globe, with their wonderful tea expertise and their natural involvement with the field of arts.

Such arts are preserved well over the ever passing time, and it seems that the Japanese have no plans of imparting with their precious contemporary arts. Such ethnic arts may include the origami craft, the graceful ikebana, the magnificent Japanese dolls and ever exquisite pottery. Many original Japanese items, and most especially the antique ones, fetch a hefty amount in the market due to the fact that they are very keen to details and are very gifted people. The Japanese also adore performing arts, and that shows in the abundance of varieties in their dancing arts. Not only are they wonderful performers but the trademark Japanese Manga or Japanese comic book has spread all over the world, making a tremendous impact in the comic art industry. In fact people who do not speak fluent Japanese, and almost everyone in the world, can speak a few Japanese words, normally "Konnichiwa" or "Hello", or other polite greetings.

The Japanese are also blessed with their abundance of resources and great sceneries. Although their area may not be as huge as their neighbor, China, Japan has enough sights to compete with the tourism industry giants.

One would be the Yaeyama Islands, which can be located at the south part of the country, and is part of the three major islands that make up the Okinawa prefecture. The other two major islands are the Miyako and Okinawa, which are equally beautiful.

Monkeys and does wander freely and happily in these beautiful places, as they are respected by the Japanese people and are left alone. The animal and human kingdom co-exists in Japan peacefully, which is something that comes natural to a harmonious place like Japan.

Do not let yourself miss the experience that Japan can offer, with the wonderful and beautiful cherry blossoms and the friendly Japanese natives always ready to welcome you.

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