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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is a small country in Asia that is overflowing with surprises. Every corner of Hong Kong offers different tourist attractions that reflect the country's culture and their modern lifestyle. This country is a perfect combination of dramatic cloudy mountains and clean bodies of water, a sign of balance for most Chinese. In Hong Kong, you can get the best of both worlds. It brings together the western and the eastern way of living. It is also considered as a Shopping Capital in Asia. Different nationalities such as Filipinos, Arabs, Indians, and Chinese from neighboring countries visit Hong Kong for a vacation or sometimes for good.

There are peak seasons in Hong Kong yet this country can be visited year round. It has a subtropical weather and made up of four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, you can barely feel the autumn because winter in Hong Kong is approaching so fast. The chilly months of Hong Kong begins in september and usually ends by february. The warm months of Hong Kong starts in may till mid-September. It is best to visit Hong Kong during its summer season. There were no thick fogs up in the mountains, giving you a clear view of the country's panoramic scenes from above. Moreover, summer season in Hong Kong does not require you to use umbrellas because of the striking sun. The cool unpolluted breeze will be enough to sooth your skin. Hong Kong is one of the rare places where you can still breathe fresh air despite of the modernization.

Hong Kong is a country with tons of tourist attractions where adults and kids would enjoy. Their first entertainment park is the Ocean Park located in south ends of Hong Kong. Ocean Park is one of the major attractions in Hong Kong. To get to the main entertainment area, one must ride a cable car to reach the mountain where surprises await. There are thrilling rides, huge fish aquariums filled with unique marine species, and real pandas. Aside from Ocean Park, there is also a Disneyland Park in Hong Kong located in Lantau Island. It is a far ride from the city but the views would delight you to avoid boredom while you travel. In order to reach the main Disney city, you have to ride their train with a lot of Disney character displays and several Mickey Mouse marks.

You must not also forget to visit the infamous Victoria Peak situated in the elevated part of Hong Kong. You can get there by bus or take the Peak Tram end enjoy taking pictures of the vast land of Hong Kong as seen from above. The Victoria Peak has a shopping mall, restaurant and the well-known Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which features different popular celebrities including Tom Cruise, Jacky Chan and even President Bush. Stay at the Victoria Peak till night and be captivated with all the lights below coming from the city of Hong Kong. Moreover, they also have Ripley's Believe it or Not containing 450 odd exhibits.

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