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Bangladesh Travel Guide

Bangladesh is a country located in the north-eastern region of south Asia. The mysterious India and Myanmar are its neighboring countries. It's one of the several countries in Asia which is considered appealing and at the same time mystifying. Bangladesh has many faces to offer to the tourists.
It is made up of various tourist spots such as lush forests, protected areas with wildlife species, bird viewing areas, historical mosques, archaeological sites, well-preserved monuments and stunning beaches. Bangladesh is one unspoiled nirvana where human and nature can get close together.

Usually, Bangladesh experiences hot weather conditions. But it is quite cooler compared to India. Like most of Asian countries, it also has a tropical climate. However, by april their monsoon season starts. This is when Bangladesh is at its coldest. Most of the days will have rainfalls. The rainy season will be over by the latter part of october. It is not advisable to visit Bangladesh during these months. The country is prone to storms and widespread flooding. Make sure to pack only light clothes if you are to explore Bangladesh in their hot season.

One may experience exotic travel here in Bangladesh. Their eco-tourism is not like the typical hiking; mountaineering and trekking you may have in any other tourist destinations in the world. Here in Bangladesh, their ecotourism includes the community exploration. Tourists will be walking up on the hills where the habitat of the tribes is located. Moreover, there will also be river cruise, unspoiled beaches, lush mangrove forests and island explorations. Instead of the normal luxurious hotels, tourists will be staying at the native houses of the locals. Best of all, you can create your own itinerary for a day or two depending on your interests. Because of this unique ecotourism, many travel magazines are starting to recognize the beauty of Bangladesh. It is now considered as one of the most interesting places here on Earth.

Aside from the natural exquisiteness of the country, Bangladesh is also abundant in archaeological sites. Most of these tourist spots portray the rich culture of Bangladesh. At the southeast of Dhaka is where the Mainamati is located. It is the so-called seat of lost dynasties. Another site that should not be missed in Bangladesh is the Mahasthangarh - the oldest in the country. If you want to see the largest seat of learning for the Buddhist, then go to Paharpur. The temples have been popular with foreigners and have become one of the tourist attractions in Bangladesh over the years. Hindu temples such as Sri Chaitanya and the Chandranath are only two of the much visited temples to name a few.

Shopping in Bangladesh can be fun, especially for women. They boast their authentic fotua for ladies who are very comfortable, stylish and unique. Bangladesh also offers pure pearls. They are famous for their pink pearls which is a very rare type of pearl. If you want to have a souvenir of the Indian fashion, then you would probably like their colourful Jamdani sarees.