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The largest continent in the world is Asia, and also the most populated. The continent of Asia is so big that it in fact covers to about eight percent of the Earth. Over 4 billion people live in Asia, and they have the most numerous amount of foreign population in the whole world. Imagine twenty Asians over one American?

And because of the wide area and mass of people who are Asians, diversity is not a surprising attribute of this wonderful continent. So many races co-exist in this magnificent place. Racism is not at all a popular issue, because it does not happen normally. Ethnicities are alike but not quite the same, and that is what makes Asia so alluring and sometimes maybe even strange to the foreigner's eyes.

People do not shame one another in this splendid place. In fact, a popular thing in Asia is the family concept and the hospitable way that they treat one another. Travelers from other continents delight in the kindness that the Asian natives often show to them. Foreigners to the Asian countries also marvel with the exoticness that they witness, and the people who are lucky enough to travel from country to country are astounded by the never ending amazing things that Asia reveals to them.

One of the most popular Asian destinations is Thailand. Tourism is one of the most important sources of funds of Thailand, and this is not surprising because of the rich destinations that one can go to in this exotic country. Tourists never get tired of Thailand, may it be because of the natural places that Thailand possess, or the new innovations that this great country has come up with.

Bangkok is one of Thailand's precious gems. In Asia Bangkok is viewed as a rising or already top metro destination, as luxury stores have found their way into this urban area. Cities are so versatile that the classis has mixed with the new.

There is another very popular tourist destination, Hong Kong. Not only does Hong Kong have the oriental magic that so attracts many people into traveling towards it, but all year around, people can see great things in this place. Hong Kong is a small place, but it is greatly compensated by the man made attractions that genius of engineers has developed. Hong Kong offers the weary individual a place to spend his hard earned vacation well.

So what are you waiting for? Nothing lasts forever, and that also applies to your precious vacation time. If you have a family, then why not take the kids to a great adventure that Asia truly offers? Or why not allure your friends into arranging fun trip for the whole group to explore Asia? Not only is it exotic, but the regular prices of tours there are not something to faint from. You don't have to break the bank to spend a marvelous time in Asia. All you need is a sense of adventure!




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