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Seychelles is a famous vacation spot located between India and the African East Coast, particularly in the heart of the Indian Ocean. It is very near Africa but in terms of culture, the people living there range from Indian to African, European to Chinese, etc. with the main language in Seychelles being French. The cuisine is really sumptuous not only being French but also Indian cuisine, Chinese recipes, and a lot more. In terms of music, Seychelles is home to African music combined with European dances and the so called "sega beat" originating from the cities along the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is unique because of the fact that it is made up of granitic islands as compared to other islands in the world that are either biological or volcanic in origin. That is why unusual rock formations are found in Seychelles, giving it still breath-taking views that visitors enjoy.

Seychelles consists of a total of 115 islands, all of which are said to be tropical paradises that are usually seen in TV commercials, magazines, travel and tours literature, etc. There are a number of islands that you must visit once you set foot on Seychelles. Those islands are not only meant for sight seeing trips but are also proud of the great beaches that you can swim in, do snorkeling, etc.

Seychelles' biggest island is named Mahe. In the said island you will find mountain ranges that are said to be the backbone of the island. Morne Seychellois is said to be the highest peak with a height of 905 meters and can be seen as a perfect view if you are in Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles. In Victoria, you will also be near to another one of those places that you must visit in Seychelles, the Ste Anne Marine National Park.

The second biggest island of Seychelles is Praslin, believed by a general of Khartoum to be the original Garden of Eden here on Earth. Just by hearing that description of Praslin would attract people to take a visit and of course people would expect the place to be really paradise like and believe it or not, no one would ever be disappointed once he or she reaches Praslin.

Another very beautiful Seychelles island is La Digue which is even considered to be the most beautiful out of all the islands. The tranquil atmosphere of La Digue attracts a lot of vacationers. A helicopter or a boat would be your transportation of choice to reach La Digue.

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